Why VoIP May Replace Your Home Phone Soon


The concept of home phones has become a rather antiquated one amazingly quickly. As recently as 2011, a majority of homes in the nation had some type of landline. These days, the number is well below 50%. Cell phones nearly completely killed the market, but could VoIP or voice over internet protocol options provide an alternative option? Let’s learn more about this unique trend.

Cell Phones are Here to Stay

In 2010, a survey was already predicting that cell phones would quickly become more popular than landlines. This turned out to be very true: nearly everybody in the country has a cell phone, while home phone connections are lower than ever. Cell phones are the king of the communication market.

That’s unfortunate in some ways because landlines do have some benefits. For example, if a cell phone tower goes down or a network is hacked, calling is basically impossible. Physical phone lines are nowhere near as fragile and will stay up even when cell phones are down.

That said, cell phones simply have too many advantages for landlines to compete against them. But is there a potential alternative to landlines that could enhance your cell phone use or even replace it? VoIP is a unique option that could provide the support that you want at a price that you can afford.

Could VoIP Provide a Viable Alternative?

If for some reason you want a landline, such as creating a permanent business line for your at-home company, you may find VoIP works well as an alternative for landlines. That’s because these lines provide many unique benefits that make them well worth considering.

For example, they are very cheap and provide a stronger connection than landlines and cell phones. That’s because they use broadband internet, which is faster than analog lines and more reliable than the notoriously fickle cell phone networks that often fail to operate smoothly in bad weather conditions.

Just as importantly, people with a VoIP connection may also set up a unique synchronous connection with their cell phone. What this means is that you can create one number that works for both your home’s VoIP connection and your cell phone, creating a unified communication front.

Even better, VoIP can be used on your computer, meaning that you can set up video chats with friends, family members, and co-workers. In this way, VoIP provides a broad range of benefits that will help make it even more prominent in the market in the coming years.

Learn More About VoIP

Are you interested in trying out VoIP for home use? While this market has yet to make a huge move into the residential phone sector, it could in the near future. The fact that VoIP is so inexpensive and adaptable makes it another threat to landlines that will make them obsolete in about 10 years. But will VoIP take over cell phones? That’s a much bolder claim that we’re not quite ready to make yet.