Why hire kitchen tile removal experts?

Removing tiles in your kitchen can be a tough job to DIY. There are tools in the market that can help you accomplish the task. However, they are expensive, especially if you buy them for one-time use. 

When planning to transform the look of your kitchen and remove existing tiles for it, you can always reach out for expert aid. The service expected for kitchen tile removal at Rapid Stripped is commendable. They are the best experts in town and seamlessly do the job. 

What to expect from an expert kitchen tile removal service?

Here are reasons why you must hire experts for kitchen tile removal:

#1 First you need to remove the grout

The first thing one needs to do is remove the grout between the tiles. A hand-held grout scraper has a large blade with a small wedge on one end and a point on the other end. 

It is a tricky tool to maneuver and is best done by skilled professionals.

The process is to scrape back and forth on the grout lines to grind away all the grout. One needs to do that until you can see the base of the tiles.

#2 Loosen wall tiles

The first one needs to wedge the ends with a putty knife. Put the knife beneath the tiles and slowly pry outward. Depending on what type of cement/adhesive was used to paste them, they might pop off right away.

However, most tiles are stuck tightly on the walls. Hence experts also use a mallet or small hammer with the putty knife. With the hammer, one needs to tap the knife’s handle so that the knife can drive deeper inside the tiles. 

Moreover, during this process, the whole tile might not come off in one go. There are also chances of breakage. If chunks of tiles remain on the wall, we use a wide-blade knife to scrape it.

Besides, if the tiles were pasted over drywall, then pieces of drywall might get pulled away as well. 

We use some plaster or drywall to fill in all the holes when this happens. This will make the surface of the wall smoother. 

Essential items needed to remove tiles from walls

There are other safety measures we take to avoid any accident. Googles and rubber gloves are mandatory while removing tiles from the kitchen wall. 

When you have to scrape the tiles, there are many harmful chemicals absorbed by our skin. Also, sometimes tile particles can come in contact with our eyes. So these two items are necessary while working. 

Also, it is best to wear pants and long sleeves shirts to cover their skin as much as possible. 

Experts who deal with such scrapping work will know how to do it best. They have the right skill and expertise to carry out this challenging task. They also know how to take safety precautions to stay unharmed. Thus, hire experts to remove your kitchen tiles and give it a fresh touch.