What You Need To Know About Amazon Suspension Help

Has Amazon suspended your seller account? Don’t worry. We are here. We will guide you in the best way so that you can get it back. Please read the article till its end to acquire further information about amazon suspension help

Amazon has some strict rules and regulations for their seller account. If you violate one or more laws set by Amazon, your account can be suspended. In this way, Amazon bans your account from further selling of products. In some cases, Amazon may hold your fund as well. 

Even in this state, you must deliver your pending orders. There are many reasons that Amazon can suspend your seller account. Here some of those reasons are given below:

Reasons Why Sellers Get Suspended From Amazon

Most of the time, Amazon sends surprise notifications to their sellers about banning their accounts. Here, knowing the reasons, you can avoid those reasons. Here top 3 reasons your Amazon seller account can be banned are given below:

  • Amazon Policy Break

Amazon has kept some strict policies for their sellers to satisfy their customers. They scrutinize product compliance, customer service, and any others. In case you break these policies, your seller account can be banned. 

  • Impoverished Customer Service

There are several metrics for evaluating the customer service performance of the seller. If any of them are not fulfilled, Amazon may suspend your account. 

  • Selling Damaged Product

To sell damaged or counterfeit products or damaged products through Amazon is strictly prohibited. Sometimes, the seller account can get banned for this type of activity. 

  • Having Multiple Seller Account

If you operate multiple seller accounts on Amazon without their permission, your account can get banned. This is one of the most prohibited policies of Amazon. So take care of it. 

How To Recover Amazon Suspended Account

Now you know the reasons for getting your Amazon account suspended. If it takes place, you can recover it with some simple steps of amazon suspension appeal.  Let’s have a look below:

After suspending your account, you need to generate good communication with Amazon. Take a look at Amazon’s notice. Try to know the reason why Amazon has suspended your seller account. Here are the steps for Amazon Suspended Account Reopening process:

  • Once you see the suspension notice sent by Amazon, click on the appeal button. Choose one from the Amazon suspension appeal decision.
  • Now set a plan of action along with your contact details. So, the authority can contact you for further queries.
  • Click on submit. The appeal will be sent for review. 


I hope you have enough idea about the Amazon Suspension account. With the above steps of amazon suspension appeal, you can have your seller account reactivated. So, keep patience. As for this job, Amazon takes adequate time. Once the account is activated, try to obey the rules set by Amazon to avoid further suspension.