The Best Shopping Cart Software: SamCart or Kajabi?

Until recently, the sales process and the checkout experience for customers have been the primary focus of SamCart, a web platform. However, Kajabi is commonly utilised as a platform for delivering online courses. Here, we’ll examine between samcart vs kajabi, some of the most important features of both SamCart and Kajabi and see how they fare against one another.

Distance learning

Kajabi was designed from the ground up to house e-learning content. After finding no turnkey options for selling courses online, the entrepreneur was forced to create something from scratch.

Kajabi and Samcart both provide user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to use the software for making and managing online courses.

The Samcart platform necessitates additional groundwork on the part of course designers. The current practise is for course developers to create their own course layouts.

Digital sales and payment processing

Samcart and Kajabi, on the other hand, may both accept payments using services like Stripe and PayPal. Kajabi’s checkout procedure is connected with a number of the platform’s other features.

Promotion of members’ continued engagement and return visits via email

Kajabi is the undisputed champion of email marketing platforms. This is because Samcart does not offer many options for electronic mail advertising. Samcart can send out emails for certain transactions.

Websites, landing pages included

Kajabi and Samcart take quite different approaches to the problem of providing a digital home base for your business and the courses you offer.

A full website, including a homepage, menu for navigation, commerce, blog, and contact forms, is available to you within your Kajabi account. It provides a superb UI for all site visitors, from those who are just browsing to those who become paying clients.

The ability to manage and improve one’s relationships with one’s customers (CRM)

Samcart includes a simple enrollment form for instructors to use when creating their own courses. When using Samcart’s shopping cart, customers are encouraged to take advantage of third-party integration for access to CRM services. Samcart may be used in tandem with two popular CRM platforms: Keap and Hubspot. Both are expensive, and more time and energy must be spent integrating them.

Kajabi’s customer relationship management (CRM) feature is robust and designed to fulfil the needs of small businesses engaged in e-commerce. Emails and offers can be sent automatically to contacts based on their behaviour.


Samcart lets its customers connect with specialists in a wide range of fields to incorporate additional applications and services. You can include WordPress, MailChimp, Keap, ActiveCampaign, and Maropost in this group of tools.

Kajabi instead takes an alternative tack. It includes everything you need to launch a knowledge-based business, including as a website, product hosting, landing page builder, email marketing tools, payment processing, blog and podcast hosting, automation, and more.

Just the basics

If your company’s priorities lie elsewhere than in its IT stack, Kajabi’s consolidated suite of knowledge commerce tools can help you concentrate on what matters most.