Protecting Private, Confidential, and Sensitive, Information from Leakage

Customer information has always been considered purely confidential and private by any organization. Worldwide, authorities help ensure people’s security by carrying out regulations that help prevent data breaches. Strict rules are implemented in using digital devices both by employees and leaders. If data protection is not enforced, billions of dollars’ worth of data might be in danger of falling into the wrong hands. The worst is when these data are used for criminal feats by hackers.

To prevent data leakage, Fortune 2000, the world’s largest public and leading companies, need to update the way they protect data. Security providers offer advanced data recording and archiving solutions to help firms monitor information that comes in and out of their systems. 

How do we prevent confidential data leaks while ensuring mobile compliance?

With the past and present data leakages, preventive measures are the top priority of Fortune 2000 companies. E-discovery requests are utilized should the slightest data breach happen. Data encryption has also become a key requirement to protect information privacy and confidentiality.

Proper archiving solutions help Fortune 2000 companies centralize the work of mobile text and call capture and AT&T SMS archiving for legal purposes.

How TeleMessage help protect the sensitive information of Fortune 2000 companies?

TeleMessage is a mobile archiving tool designed to strictly meet the standard regulatory compliance like MiFID II, SEC, Dodd-Frank Act, MAS, and SFC, to name a few. Reliable and faster access to archived data can be used for speedier audits and legal matters. Telemessage ensures optimum monitoring of all sensitive data round-the-clock and IDs any suspicious electronic communications that might lead to data leakage.

It is compatible with the following: 

To ensure quality compliance and protection regulations, check out this infographic by TeleMessage to learn more.