Getting Well-Acquainted with the Most Popular Govt Exams

Every year, the government of India tends to offer notifications. These notifications are for the examinations offered by them for different positions in the govt sector. It has always been the most anticipated as it is considered to be the most secure. The number of people interested in these examinations is a lot. They even start to prepare for it more than a year before the actual exam. You can expect the level of competition to be very high for them.

There are so many benefits of having a govt job. It is the most secure job available in the country. You can learn as much as you want about the best and the most popular govt exams in India. It is going to help you in benefitting your career further. You get high job security and other benefits like fixed compensation structure and other things. For the aspirants, the competition for popular govt exams is very high. They have to bring in their best performances to ensure a spot in the number of vacancies listed by the govt.

An Overview of Govt. Exams

There are so many different areas of work that come under the jurisdiction of the govt. govt bodies like UPSC and SCC tend to conduct the biggest and the most popular exams offered by the govt. apart from the central level of examinations, there are a lot of state-level exams as well. They offer state-level positions in their vacancy structures for the candidates.

The following are the exams conducted by UPSC. These exams are usually for the ‘A’ Grade service level. They are the top positions that are offered in the country.

  • Civil Services Examination (CSE)
  • National Defence Academy & the Naval Academy Examination (NDA-NA)
  • Indian Engineering Services Examination (IES)

And many others.

Apart from UPSC, SSC is another central unit offering government exams. They usually have a ‘B’ Grade and ‘C’ Grade services to the candidates. Some of them are:

  • Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGL)
  • Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (CHSL)
  • Other Department Examination

And many others.

The Significance of Govt. Exams

All of these exams are for employment opportunities in the government sector. With the ‘A’ Grade services, candidates are recruited to one of the most prestigious positions in the country. It includes the defence and the civil sectors. The jobs offered by SSC are one or two grades lower as compared to A grade. They are one of the most popular ones in the country as it is a high-level job. It is also much easier to crack the SSC exams as compared to the ones offered by UPSC. Apart from these, you will come across a lot of other govt. exams as well.

Every exam has a different level and before you start the preparation for any exam, the one thing of utmost importance is to get aware of the exam syllabus. Depending on which exam you are planning to give, make sure you know the exam details and its syllabus to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

For this, you can keep checking the required exam official notification. This will provide you with all the necessary and correct details about the exam. After this, you can browse various competitive exams websites to go through previous question papers and to prepare yourself in the best way.