Customs Clearance Agencies: Understanding the Organization

Customs clearance can sometimes get on your nerves. So, many people seek services from customs clearance agencies. 

The customs clearance market is rich and the demand for customs brokers and consultants is increasing. 

Keeping the lucrative customs market in view there can be two types of people interested in understanding them.

  • Potential clients that wish to avail of customs broker services and are interested in understanding the customs consultancies.
  • Interested businessmen who want to start a customs clearance agency.

If you are any of the above two, you need to understand what exactly customs clearance agencies do to help make import and export work smoother. 

Responsibilities of Clearance Agencies

Any business that depends on the import and export of goods cannot function without a customs clearance agency. 

Such businessmen also need to avail services of a Freight Forwarder. Some businessmen and clients confuse customs clearance for freight forwarding however they are not identical. 

Transportation of the cargo is dealt with by the freight forwarding agents. Customs clearance agents work with the regulatory authorities to obtain approvals and clear the customs according to the policies of a country. 

Be Pro in Basics

The basics of customs clearance should be at the fingertips of any customs agent. Although theory in customs brokerage-related books can be substantially different from the field, yet basics are a good foundation. 

Staying on the Top of Policies

All customs agents need to be well aware of changes in customs clearance policies. Staying updated with new policies seems like an easy task but it is a critical one. 

If you try to follow obsolete policies the cargo will be rejected, resulting in company loss and loss of reputation in the market. 

Moreover, different customs clearance policies apply to different products and there are millions of categories. Agents need to categorize the cargo to see which policies apply to it. 

Digging Deep in the Process

Customs clearance policies and procedures vary from country to country. As a customs clearance agent one needs to have a clear understanding of all the tricky processes involved. 

There should be no rule or law related to customs of the country a customs agent works and doesn’t know about. Understanding and awareness of customs-related rules and laws ensure compliance. 


Always avail services from well-reputed customs clearance agencies like to ensure import is cleared in a free period. Keep in mind, not getting your cargo cleared in the allotted free period results in the incurrence of demurrage.