A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Successful Painter

Painting as a career offers numerous opportunities for skilled professionals. If you have a knack for decorating buildings and making them come to life with your knowledge of colours and painting skills, becoming a painter will be a rewarding career. You will have a diverse range of job opportunities like residential painting, industrial painting, etc.

So, if you are looking forward to becoming a professional painter in Australia, here are some essential things you should know about.

What is the role of a professional painter?

As a professional painter, you will have the responsibility of painting and decorating the interiors and exterior of commercial buildings, residential properties, etc.. The job requires you to be creative and have an eye for detail. This is because you will have to complete various tasks like repaints, colour-matching, restoration of old and historical buildings, and more.

Necessary skills for becoming a painter

To become a successful painter, you will have to master several skills. Some of the major ones include the following:

1. Attention to detail

In order to complete their work with great accuracy and precision, painters need to be highly detail-oriented. This will ensure a high-quality finish and successful completion of most projects.

2. Creativity

You cannot be a good painter unless you have a creative mind. You should be able to visualise beauty in a plain and dull space and enhance its aesthetics with your painting skills. You must be able to come up with unique designs and patterns.

3. Communication skills

As a painter, you will have to work in a team. Your team might include other painters, carpenters, etc. Thus, having good communication and teamwork skills is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

4. Necessary certifications

Depending upon where you work, you might need to have some certificates and licenses. This can include State-recognized certificates, lead safety licenses, or any other certificates.

The average salary of a painter in Australia

Now that we have understood the basics of a painting career, let’s find out if it is financially rewarding or not.

In Australia, the average salary of a professional painter is $72,500 per annum. Further, most painters charge $37.18 per hour for their services in Australia.

While most professional painters are able to earn a decent monthly income, getting a good number of projects might be hard initially. Moreover, due to the nature of the job, there is always a risk of accidents, physical injury, loss of tools, etc.

Thus, to protect yourself against all this, consider getting trade insurance coverage for yourself. It will act as your protective layer in cases of financial emergencies and other unforeseen situations. To learn more about trade insurance for painters, visit this website.

Benefits of becoming a professional painter

1. Flexibility

As a career, painting offers a lot of flexibility, especially if you are working on a contract basis. You can even take it up as a part-time profession or side hustle.

2. Job satisfaction

If you have a passion for painting buildings, making a successful career in it will offer you great job satisfaction. When you are able to see the results of your hard work and the difference it can make to a building, you will feel happy and proud.

3. Better work-life balance

Generally, most painters have easy working hours. Only some projects might require you to spend long hours. So, you will enjoy a better work-life balance in most cases.

4. You can learn something new every day

One of the best things about painting is that it is not monotonous. You won’t be sitting at your desk, typing at a computer, or sorting through files.

Instead, you can work on real buildings and structures, paint them and enhance their beauty. Each day will teach you something new and will offer you a chance to improve your craft.

Summing up

So there you have it! That was everything you should know about having a painting career in Australia. Overall, if you have the passion and the skills, becoming a painter can be a highly fulfilling job.

While you may face some struggles initially, it will pay off in the long run. Further, you can even start your own business down the line. This will offer you more flexibility and even greater job satisfaction.