4 Compelling Reasons to Become a Registered Nurse in Canada

A multi-ethnic group of nurses and a doctor are standing together in their hispital clinic. They are all smiling and looking at the camera.

The medical sector is full of job opportunities. One of the most lucrative options is becoming a registered nurse. Don’t trust us? Well, after reading this guide, you probably will. 

Dive in!

#1. The Payment is Very Attractive

If you look at the average starting salary of a registered nurse who just started his/her career, you’d be amazed that the amount is as high as 50000$ yearly, even more.

Once there’s enough experience in hand, you’ll easily make more than 80000$ yearly. Other incentives will be extra.

So, being a registered nurse means you’ll never have to face a single day in a financial mess ever again.  

#2. You Will Love the Thrill 

Nursing brings along many challenges. If you like challenges, then this is an ideal profession for you. You’ll get to learn a lot.

For more action, you can also work as an ER room nurse. Being an intensive care unit nurse is just as exciting as being an emergency room nurse. 

However, you’ll have to take extra training to become an intensive care unit nurse.

#3. Nothing Beats the Feeling of Serving the Community

Being a part of the medical community in itself is a matter of immense pride. A registered nurse is next to doctors. You’ll be able to save lives and serve people.

So, if compassion is a big part of you, you’d do really well as a nurse.

#4. You Will Have Work Flexibility and Lots of Choices 

A nurse can choose between shifts. Whether you want a night shift or a day shift is usually your call. 

Only if you’re an emergency room nurse will you sometimes find yourself working during off-hours too. However, you’ll be paid handsomely for your services.

Besides, being a nurse won’t give a single dull day. You can choose to train as an ER nurse, an ICU nurse, and even a psychiatric ward nurse.

You can work at hospitals, private clinics, primary care units, and even at the pediatric wing. On top of that, you can also work as a personal nurse to care for a patient at the patient’s home.

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